Our Guarantee:

Parts are guaranteed for 90 days. We offer a money back guarantee or parts replacement, whichever the customer prefers. Extended warranties are also available to extend the part coverage to 1 year & assist on labour for up to 4 months.

Q.R.P. (Quality Replacement Parts) Member


Doug’s Auto Parts is online with the latest form of sourcing parts for Private Individuals, Collision and Mechanical Shops,Insurance and independant Appraisers. Go to www.QRPCANADA.com to sign up, it`s easy and free. This system helps ensure the parts are supplied at fair market value.

Our History

Doug’s Auto Parts was established in 1960. Right from the inception, Doug’s Auto Parts, strived to offer the best quality parts & service.

This reputation was established then and still continues today. Doug’s Auto Parts quickly grew along the 401 corridor between Trenton to Cornwall.

In order to keep up with the growth, additional staff & buildings were added.